Chromatic and RAL design

Chromatic and RAL design


The use of CHROMATIC SYSTEM® technology is recommended for the realization of colors to guarantee professionals the highest quality level. The performance of CHROMATIC SYSTEM® is achieved by rigor and perfect control of the hue design: research, equipment and maintenance of tinting machines.

The PPG CHROMATIC colour chart provides an overview of 1170 available colours.

CHROMATIC is the selection from most widely used shades in the market to those reflecting future trends. Chromatic System technology ensures best opacity, accurate colours, perfect reproducibility, unsurpassed durability and endless colour offer. The equipped outlets have a color database of 4 million colors.

  • A unique color fandeck for all PPG brands and all channels.
  • A differentiated colour range: inspirational, trendy, unique, recognizable and evolving.
  • A colour brand for both professionals and consumers

    CHROMATIC® benefits from a special classification of its shades: firstly, a wide offering of coloured whites, followed by soft pastel, medium and intense colours and finishing with greyed tones full of subtleties. Each CHROMATIC® colour is identified by the letters CH1 followed by a 4 digit number and a name. These references must be given when ordering. In the colour index, you will find a pricing column containing either the letter P or V. This indicates whether the selected colour depends on the pricing of pastel (P) or vivid (V) colours.


    CHROMATIC® Façade colour chart is designed to meet the needs of professional painters, architects and building owners for all façade or exterior projects. Colours are made from inorganic-mineral pigmentsproviding improved coverage as well as resistance to chemicals and strong sunlight. In some countries, standards and rules governing thermal insulation systems may recommend the use of paints with a low coefficient of absorption of sunlight so they minimize heat absorption.

    The value of «TSR» - reflection (reflected light value) is indicated for each shade of the CHROMATIC® Façade - it is recommended to be upper than 0.35. The tints with OUC logo may be indicated outdoor if tinted with OUC technology, despite the TSR value is lower than 0.35. In the index pages, you will find the name and number of the nuance, a column with the tarification P (pastel tones), V (bright tones) and OUC (Outside Unlimited Colours) and the page number where it is located.


    The RAL colour card is globaly recognized colour system, which is divided into RAL CLASSIC and RAL DESIGN.
    RAL CLASSIC represents a total of 213 shades and is mainly used in industrial production (steel construction, furniture production, etc.).
    The RAL DESIGN range includes 1625 shades that are suitable for determining the complex colour solution of the walls in the interior of the apartments as well as industrial buildings.